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how to change quote appearance

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I'd like to use quoting in my wiki articles, but I don't really like it the default way. Why?
a) because I run a foreign lang wiki, so having the phrase ''quote on the top is confusing. I would like to change the word to my native language (at least that)
b) but anyway, I don't like the default style, of a huge (really huge!) double quote (see attached pictured) followed by the word Quote. It would be much better to have the quoted text (say) over a gray screen font or something like that.
Any suggestions?

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To translate the word "Quote", go into the language file for your language:
lang/el/language.php (?)
and uncomment and change the line below, from:

// "Quote" => "Quote",


"Quote" => "(Your translation of Quote)",

Next, the huge double quote is controlled by the css file of the theme you are using.
Not all of the themes use the large double quote, the ones that do, use the image file:
/img/icons/quoteleft.gif (Image )

You can override the css file by adding your own custom css in Look and Feel, Customization tab, "Custom CSS:". You will need to provide overides for all of the .quoteheader and .quotebody css parameters in the your style that you want to change. This example would remove the huge quote background image, and add a light grey background to the quote body.

.quoteheader {background:none;
              border-left: 30px;}
.quotebody {font-style: italic;
            padding-left: 30px;
            border-left: 30px;}


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This was really great Tom!

I did ok with the second part (and btw, I realise I have to dig a little bit in css, to improve appearance of my wiki. You can do alot of things this way - thanks for pointing).

I couldn't fix the first part, though. There was not commented quote line in my lang file. I added the proposed one anyway, but still I read the english word "quote". I did find the line in the lang/en-uk/language.php file and changed it there (I use english as my default language, so I thought that could do the trick), but still I can't see the Greek word I added («απόσπασμα»). Perhaps somewhere else?

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I checked the /lang/el/language.php files for Tiki 2.4 through Tiki 13, and all of them, except for Tiki 2.4, have that "Quote" translation line commented out with the two "//" at the beginning of the line. Tiki 2.4 has it as "Quote:" but it is also commented out with the "//" at the beginning of the line.

Which language file are you using?

Another way to change it is to use the replyto="«απόσπασμα»" parameter of the Quote plugin. "Quote" is the default used if there is no replyto= specified.


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Ok, got it.

So far I used "en" language (not "en-uk") in my installation. But the lang/en/language.php file is a tiny one (4.0 KB) with a few lines only. I switched to en-uk and translated the relevant "quote" line in lang/en-uk/language.php and this way I got the greek word I was looking for — so that's fine.

PS. I double checked the Greek language.php file and there is no "quote" line, but can be easily added (I use tiki 12.2).

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