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The Infrastructure Team is responsible for * hosting, server administration, domains, uptime, etc.

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Team members

Release responsibilities

  • Progressively update each Domain to the new version, and the Dogfood Team's plan.
    • The goal is that all major sites are upgraded before it's released.

Ongoing responsibilities

This page is to coordinate work and list requests about various aspects of * sites and community tools

This has previously been done by email. We will do it wiki way so at any given time, we'll know what needs to be done.

This is not a list of feature requests, which should be done at: If it's Tiki bug, it's ok to put below but with a link to as well but know that while the infrastructure team can help detect/confirm a bug, it is not expected to correct bugs, but to update the sites as soon as they are corrected.

Do not put any security or sensitive info below. Instead, contact

1.1. Hosting the * sites

1.2. Maintain list of hacks adaptations to Tiki sites, or use SVN or TRIM.

In the past, it's happened that we had specialized changes to Tiki (ex.: message templates, custom plugins, etc.). And then, sometimes, these get wiped with a clean install of Tiki. While we should try to stay as close as possible to Tiki code dogfood, when we do not, it should be documented or we use TRIM/SVN and have it make a report of all diffs (or something)

Rewrite Rule collisions gives me error but is ok.
Similarly, is not the same as

Because of the special use case on *, we may have to maintain special .htaccess files...


Please create the wiki pages if the access has been or should be modified

1.3. Keep all sites up to date & making Intertiki work

  • All our sites should be recent versions of the branch
    • The revision number should be visible so everyone knows to indicate if the see a bug

1.4. Backups

  • Each host should make send backups to another. Can be done by TRIM

1.5. Manage DNS, domain name and email accounts

  • Managing the DNS info for the various Domains MarcLaporte, and Amette and Fabio have access
  • Domain names MarcLaporte
  • emails: Frank or MarcLaporte
  • SSL: We once had a wildcard SSL, but are moving to Let's Encrypt, and thus depends on server
  • Community Server renewal, payments, etc. (Nelson?)
  • PayPal

1.6. Maintain Pre-Dogfood server

Fix and close

1.1. Review backup situation for non-Tiki instances

Mail server,

1.2. Add files stored on disk to the Pre-Dogfood server

  • Now, it's only files in the DB

1.3. CDN

  • Setup a CDN for each * site as this will improve performance

1.4. One-time clean-up of prefs to be a community site

In collaboration with Infrastructure Team:

  • All users should accept user messages
  • User messages should send notification emails (bounced to Community Team)
  • Can group members broadcast members of their own group? (it should)

1.5. wrong favicon

1.7. transition from to

1.8. Activate the removal of www for all sites

New option in Admin -> General -> Navigation "Domain prefix handling" which would be nicer than the "Are you lost ?" at

1.9. Clean up permissions on has a lot of legacy perms. Ex.: workspace (aulawiki), homework, jukebox, etc. They should be removed from along with any assignments. Todo: Take a Tiki 5.x clean install, and compare.

1.10. Images lost on

See here:
Image missing:

and two images here: (tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=88) perhaps issue between 5.0 and 5.1 ?

More here:

Still available for old server. (ask Marc for access)

1.11. Rewrite Rules

I posted a comment here with a link to and I get instead of

same problem with

dev is ok:

1.12. -> delete from user list all users that are not necessary here

1.13. Delete a pic

1.14. Move calendar data from dev to info site

Check with Rick 1st

With a persistent rewrite rule . Now: Upcoming Events

Major projects

1.1. Migrate to Allura

Migrate to Allura with the Developers Team


1.3. Move phpxref to own subdomain

From to and make sure to add a redirect 301 for search engines

1.4. WebSVN

Should we get ? Also, at its own sub-domain

Eventually, we will loose
in favor of

1.5. Doxygen

We used to have, but it's gone now. Do we re-install? If so, at and make sure to add a redirect 301 for search engines


1.6. ApiGen

1.7. phpDocumentor

Is it worth setting it up?

1.8. Dogfood TRIM

All our Domains and the Pre-Dogfood Server should be managed with TRIM

1.9. Round Robin / Redundancy / Disaster planning for all * content

TRIM handles backups so offsite backups are inherent. Not as important to have Round Robin / Redundancy / Disaster planning for all * content.

1.10. Setup a monitoring solution



Monitor for broken links. Ideally, we'd have this in Tiki

1.11. Implement Single Sign On (SSO) on 6 main sites.

This will likely be done after we move to for OpenLDAP. And then, we can set up CAS.

1.12. Code stats

1.13. Community Mail Server

Community Mail Server evolution. We also need to merge usernames with the emails.

1.14. Scheduler on dev.t.o

Added on Oct 18, 2020, by Marc.

# Run Scheduler
* * * * * su apache -s /bin/bash -c 'cd /var/www/virtual/ && /opt/rh/rh-php72/root/usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=256M console.php scheduler:run'

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