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Site name URL Screenshot Accepted Created
Aimfair https://www.aimfair.com/   No
Bradleys at Bridge End https://bridgeend.co.uk dl2375 Yes
Canadian Fisheries Research Network www.cfrn-rcrp.ca   No
Cartofgraf https://cartograf.learnquebec.ca dl2377 Yes
Centro Acadêmico Prof. Paulo Freire www.cappf.org.br   No
Colgate University Biochemistry Research Laboratory Wiki http://capsicum.colgate.edu/chwiki   No
Cosel Europe https://www.coseleurope.eu dl1293 Yes
Creative Loafing https://creativeloafing.com dl2383 Yes
DiaPrices http://diaprices.com   No
Diaprices - India diamond prices; Indian diamond industry news and information http://diaprices.in   No
Droit-inc.com www.droit-inc.com   No
EmprendeWiki.com http://emprendewiki.com   No
EmprendeWiki.com http://www.emprendewiki.com   No
European Space Agency https://wiki.services.eoportal.org/tiki-custom_home.php   No
flygari.com https://flygari.com dl2376 Yes
GECCO 2018 http://gecco-2018.sigevo.org/index.html/tiki-index.html dl1292 Yes
inCaravanClub Italia www.incaravanclub.it   No
Integrative Medicine For The UnderServed www.IM4US.org   No
LONDON FIELDWORKS https://londonfieldworks.com dl1294 Yes
Munhão Empreendimentos olimpio pimnetel 714   No
New Horizons http://www.new-horizons.biz   No
Omjai www.omjai.org   No
People for Environmental Causes http://www.peopleforenvironmentalcauses.com   No
PeopleParadiso https://peopleparadiso.com   No
Portal Spiritual http://www.portal-spiritual.eu/   No
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